What Is Endodontics?

Endodontics, Also Called Endodontology, Is A Branch Of Dentistry Concerned With The Study And Treatment Of The Dental Pulp And Associated Structures. The Dental Pulp Is Found Within The Tooth; It Is A Soft Tissue That Contains Blood Vessels, Nerves, And Connective Tissues.

Patients Who Visit Our Clinic Often Complain About Toothache, Difficulty When Chewing Food Or Sweets; Sensitivity To Hot Or Cold Temperature; And Painful Biting. The Pain Is Usually Severe Enough To Result In Some Discomfort.

Alliance Dental Surgery Provides A Full Range Of Dental Services, Including Endodontics. Our Team Of Professionals Is Focused On Providing Patients With The Highest Standard Of Care At Affordable Rates. We Are Dedicated To Providing A Comfortable Experience For All Patients, Including Those Who May Be Nervous And Anxious About Visiting Our Clinic.

We Strive To Ensure That Our Patients Receive The Best Dental Experience In Our Practice, From The Moment You Walk Through Our Door. Our Team Of Professionals Will Ensure That You Feel At Ease During Your Treatment. Many Patients Comment On How Comfortable They Feel Under Pressure And How Relaxed They Are During Their Treatments

Endodontic Treatments Are Aimed At Treating The Dental Pulp By Removing Damaged Tissues, Cleaning And Shaping The Root Canals, And Sealing Them With Dental Composite Or Stainless Steel Filling. In Most Cases Of Endodontic Treatment, A Root Canal Is Performed To Allow For A Healthy Tooth And In Turn Healthy Gums.

Endodontic Treatments Are Essential For Preserving Your Natural Teeth. The Dental Pulp Is Protected By A Layer Of Hard Enamel Covering The Tooth, But This Can Easily Be Fractured Due To The Presence Of Bacteria In Cracks. If An Infection Occurs In These Regions, Our Endodontist Will Do Everything He/She Can To Stop It Before It Becomes Too Severe And Reaches The Jaw Bone. When This Does Happen, The Infection Can Be Very Painful And Might Result In A Serious Infection. In Some Cases, The Bone May Even Become Infected.

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