What Is Periontodology?

Periodontology Is A Branch Of Dentistry That Deals With The Treatment Of Periodontal Diseases. Periodontal Disease Is The Medical Name For Gum Disease, A Serious Infection Of The Tissue And Bones That Support Your Teeth. Periodontal Inflammation Can Cause Your Gums To Swell And Bleed, Destroy The Bone Around Teeth, And Loosen Tooth Roots. Left Untreated, Periodontal Disease Can Lead To Tooth Loss.

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The Best Way To Help Prevent Periodontal Disease Is To Maintain A Good Oral Care Routine By Regularly Brushing Your Teeth And Flossing Your Teeth At Least Twice A Day. You Should Also Visit Your Dentist Regularly For Cleanings And Oral Examinations. If You Have Retreated Gingivitis And A Consistent Problem With Bad Breath, You May Have An Oral Infection That Needs To Be Treated.


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